In The Midnight Howl (Book 5)



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When an anonymous whistleblower alleges there’s a human living illegally in Peculiar, Missouri, the Shifter Tri-Council sends one of their best investigators: werecougar Wilhemina “Willy” Boden. Willy’s reluctant to investigate her friends who live in the small shifter town, especially handsome werecoyote Brady Corman—but she has a job to do.

Yeah. A job that gets a helluva lot more difficult when the town’s local pain-in-the-ass, Evelyn Meyers, is found dead. Willie jumps on board the investigation and soon discovers that both the town’s beloved Sheriff and Brady’s teenaged son are the main suspects.

Willy’s sense of duty won’t let her ignore evidence or turn a blind eye to injustice. Her loyalty to her friends will be tested as she digs deeper into Evelyn’s death and a secret kept by most of the town. And her relationship with Brady may be over before it even begins. What’s a werecougar to do when her instincts tell her one thing, and her heart the exact opposite?