November 19

The Pit of the Matter

Leimg_0029t’s get real here. I have never been a “dog” person. Which is amazing, considering, during the last 26 years of marriage, I’ve always had pets. Pets that I loved very much (as evidence by the fact that my cat is 20 years old and still kicking!). However, I’ve never felt the connection that I would hear people talk about. It always sounded like what I felt the first time I held my son in my arms, that instant “love” where you just knew it was meant to be.
Then my adult son moved back home to go back to college when he was twenty-years old, and with him, he brought his rescue pup, Kona–a Pit Bull/ Labrador mix. She was a year-old when he took her in, and when I first met her, I fell instantly in love. She is the most cuddly, loving, sweet animal I’ve ever met (this is total bias here, because I’m sure there are many cuddly, loving, sweet animals out there).
She has become such a great joy in my life. My husband and my son who have always been “dog lovers” have deemed her the “special dog” because (and don’t tell anyone), I will even let her nap with me! Why am I telling you all this? Because, Kona is definitely who inspired me to write this new mystery series. Her funny quirks, from squirrel watching, her insistence on licking your face raw if given half a chance, and digging up the yard (much to our chagrin) makes her an affable model for Smooshie, Lily Mason’s rescue Pit and sidekick!20140907_123640-1

I also hope that people who are afraid of Pit Bulls on reputation alone will see what loving dogs these beautiful animals are. It is always important to be a responsible dog owner. I will never say that a dog won’t be aggressive, but that’s any dog. (Those of you with small dogs can attest to their aggression). But good dog owners make for good pets. Much like children, if you love them, set boundaries, and try to have a lot of fun along the way, your dog, no matter the breed, can be a rich addition to your family and your home. (And remember, it’s a life-long commitment to the dog, so adopting is definitely not for everyone.)

The statistics on the abuse and euthanasia of Pit Bulls are astounding. Over 1,000,000 Pit Bulls are killed every year because of bad people (who breed or buy them for the wrong reasons, abuse them, fight them, and abandon them) and bad press. I hope you’ll look up rescue centers in your area, and if you can’t adopt, at least consider volunteering or donating 20160330_210321-1to the effort to save these wonderful creatures.

Hugs and love,

Renee George

ON a PPS. She also gets along fabulously with our other babies.

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